New Zealand is Unreal

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New Zealand’s been called a lot of things: Middle Earth, The Land Under the Land Down Under, Kiwiland, and The Land of the Long White Cloud, among others. But my favorite has to be when KR called it UNREAL. It really seemed unreal. I get why it was the perfect setting for the Lord of the Rings movies. All of the colors were saturated; the grass was extra green and the water was extra blue. The hills were all perfect, and even the clouds looked like they were painted in to go in a perfect landscape. But that’s not the reason why I love to call New Zealand UNREAL.

That is because when we arrived in Queenstown, after spending a day driving down the amazing west coast of the country (think Pacific Coast Highway without any guard rails), we were all blown away by the beauty before us. There was a picturesque little beach, with perfect little waves, and a scenic seagull flying by the setting sun. We all took pictures. Then we had some wine. And then, KR sent her boyfriend this picture, with the message that ‘This place is UNREAL’:













Two days later, we are sitting at (a very lovely and yummy!) dinner when KR tells us this and shows us the picture. We all have tears of laughter as we wonder if she intentionally chose the darkest, blurriest picture to send? Because she’s right, the whole country is unreal. It’s just…. that picture doesn’t exactly do it justice. Here are some of my own attempts to capture Queenstown, but trust me, you just need to see it for yourself.


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