California: Prologue

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I bookended my trip to New Zealand with visits in California. On the way out, it was LA. Here are the highlights:

I stepped out of the airport into the gleaming sun. For the record, California is BRIGHT! It is a good thing I packed two pairs of sunglasses and bought a third while I was away! Bill, a good friend from college (and incidentally, the best study partner ever and the reason I graduated cum laude) picked me up. He told me how the freeway was jammed, but we could, “Take the 101 to the 10, get off in Hollywood and take the 20” to get around it. Or something. Because this is what I heard:








And then I said:








Visiting Bill and his wife was so fun, and long overdue. I loved seeing their new house, their puppy, and catching up. Dinner was delicious, and the company was fantastic. Although, the best anecdote of the night was when a raccoon wandered through their bushes to take a drink from their fountain, located right next to their patio, where about 8 of us were sitting with drinks of our own. All of the girls jumped back in a move that could not have been more synchronized if we had choreographed it.

After Bill’s, I visited JQ. JQ is another friend from college (although somehow neither she nor Bill know who the other is… perhaps if I visit again everyone should just visit all together, because I feel like my West Coast friends should all be friends with each other; tangent over).  Again, I had a fun, long overdue visit here. We went to a couple of wineries and to Malibu.

Shortly after JQ dropped me at the airport, I got a call from her. While driving back, she SAW BEN H. BEING FILMED WHILE DRIVING IN A CONVERTIBLE WITH A GIRL. I cannot believe that there was a Bachelor sighting while I was in California, AND I MISSED IT. By 15 minutes. Luckily, I had my impending flight and whole trip to New Zealand to think about for solace.

However, this was pretty much my reaction when she told me she saw The Bachelor:












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