Dance Like No One’s Watching

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Our first full day in New Zealand coincided with Kaikoura’s Annual Seafest. This is their annual seafood festival, which involves a lot of drinking, live music, and food trucks. Obviously we bought our tickets in advance.

But first thing’s first. We caffeined up.

Then we went for a little walk to see some of Kaikoura. When I say little walk, I mean it! Their Main Street stretched for about 4 blocks, and that was the extent of things. I guess since New Zealand is known for having more sheep than people, this shouldn’t have been surprising!

(Photo credit: KR)
(Photo credit: KR)

The gates opened at 10am, and since we had been up since about 6am (thanks, Jetlag!) we were there shortly thereafter. The good thing about getting there early is that we were able to get seats at one of the limited picnic tables. Throughout the day several different groups of people sat next to us: a group of guys on a Stag Do (bachelor party), families, couples, etc. We didn’t see too many other foreigners; mostly everyone had driven from somewhere in New Zealand.

Upon arrival, everyone is given a cup with a shoelace tied to it. Presumably so you can wear your beer around your neck and still have your hands free to eat or gesticulate. There were several breweries on the grounds and we made sure to try them all!

By the afternoon we were feeling great. So great, in fact, that we ditched our awesome seats to join the crowd dancing to the cover bands under the tent.


And then, just like that, Seafest was over, KJ got a banana costume, and we went to find dinner.

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