California: Epilogue

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Have you ever gotten back from a trip and thought to yourself, I could use a vacation from my vacation? Because I have. AND I TOTALLY DID THIS! After New Zealand, I spent a week relaxing in California. Because, well, I could.

After flying from Auckland to LA (with a whole row to myself to lay down flat, it was one of my favorite flights EVER), I said goodbye to KR and KJ and moved swiftly through the airport to get my connection to San Francisco. [Side note: I highly recommend Global Entry and TSA Pre-check. Totally worth it.]

This was my first time in San Fran, and sadly I was only there for 2 days. From what I saw, I loved it! It was warm, sunny, and despite having never been there before, it felt totally familiar.

I saw the highlights: the bridge, Alcatraz, the Sea Lions, Pier 39, Chinatown, Union Square, and rode a Cable Car.


And then, I was on to the next chapter of my trip! The PCH road trip. You may recall that this has been on my travel top 10 for a while. Along with New Zealand. Oh yeah, I’ve been getting shit done!

PS picked me up in San Francisco and we headed towards Monterey. We made a couple stops on the way: one was for lunch at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay (which had amazing views and delicious food, seriously, you should go), and then at the Santa Cruz pier.

Before going to New Zealand, I had done a lot of research and planning. So when it came time for the California portion of the trip, I was happy to let PS plan it all. I actually had no idea what our itinerary was until we showed up places. And good job to him! I loved everywhere we went. For our second day, we did the 17 Mile drive through Pebble Beach (stopping to have lunch overlooking the 18th hole), walked around Carmel, and drove a little bit of the PCH.

From there, he drove us to Paso Robles for some wine.* I’d never heard of Paso before, but as PS explained to me, it’s not as pretentious as Napa or Sonoma, but just as good. Turns out, he knows some things about some things, because he wasn’t kidding. The wine was fantastic. The views were pretty special.


*We took the 1 to the 46 to the 101. Or something. PS did the navigating as well as the driving since he’s a Californian.


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