California: Epilogue

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Have you ever gotten back from a trip and thought to yourself, I could use a vacation from my vacation? Because I have. AND I TOTALLY DID THIS! After New Zealand, I spent a week relaxing in California. Because, well, I … Continued

New Zealand: To Sum Up

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New Zealand was amazing. We went on beautiful hikes. We drank some delicious wine. We were on a boat. We drove on the left side of the road. We got some fantastic sunglasses. We saw the second-rarest penguin in the … Continued

The Need for Speed

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Less than an hour into our adventure in New Zealand, we got pulled over. For speeding. I would like to preface this story by explaining that both KR and I drive in the NY/NJ/East Coast area. We are used to … Continued

Dance Like No One’s Watching

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Our first full day in New Zealand coincided with Kaikoura’s Annual Seafest. This is their annual seafood festival, which involves a lot of drinking, live music, and food trucks. Obviously we bought our tickets in advance. But first thing’s first. … Continued

California: Prologue

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I bookended my trip to New Zealand with visits in California. On the way out, it was LA. Here are the highlights: I stepped out of the airport into the gleaming sun. For the record, California is BRIGHT! It is a … Continued

New Zealand is Unreal

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New Zealand’s been called a lot of things: Middle Earth, The Land Under the Land Down Under, Kiwiland, and The Land of the Long White Cloud, among others. But my favorite has to be when KR called it UNREAL. It really … Continued

Yeah, I’ve Been Out of Country…

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This is my excuse for a lot of things lately. “You didn’t know Amy Schumer was on SNL?!” “How did you not hear about that murder trial? It was all over the news last week!” “Why weren’t you at that … Continued

All By Myself

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I recently realized that of my last 10 flights, I was alone for 7 of them. It’s odd for me to be in an airport with someone. But for a lot of people, the concept of traveling all alone is frightening. And that’s … Continued

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